Too hot to handle!

Well I’m hoping everyone had an awesome weekend! I started my weekend off with the Bal Costumé and I decided to be Barbie. Never again. I mean, sure it was a fun time and everything, but when I ended up getting a stalker to the point where I had to leave the dance cause I was so uncomfortable, I was kind of disappointed. I probably stayed at the dance until 11ish, because Mariam and I decided to leave after Scott the Stalker kept following us around. No big deal though; Mariam helped me out along the way. After we left, we met up with some people who neither of us knew, but they were very nice and a lot of fun. We went to Café Mosaique, a shisha bar, and it was definitely a new experience for me. Don’t worry, I didn’t do it, I’m not becoming the “hardcore, tattooed, partying freak” you all seem to think I am 🙂 We stayed at the café until two in the morning, then Mariam and I went back to our apartment and found Shereen, who also just got home. At three, we decided we were superhungry and wanted to order a pizza. So that’s what we did. We ordered one chicken pizza and one cheese pizza, and then Carla came home. When the pizza came, we quickly opened the first box, only to find out that the pizza wasn’t cut. I don’t know if they did that purposely or what, but we found it kind of hard to eat considering we only had butter knives to cut it with. We opened the second box and to our surprise, it was covered in olives and red peppers. So Shereen runs to the window , pulls out the screen, sticks out half of her body, and starts yelling to the pizza man, “La pizza n’est pas correcte! Le poulet! Le poulet!” Yes, she did happen to have a few drinks that night and the rest of us found it quite entertaining. I’m sure everyone else in the residences were wondering why someone was yelling “le poulet” at three in the morning. The pizza man walked all the way back upstairs, called the pizza place, and then explained to us that the chicken was hidden under the cheese. Why we got all the extra toppings? We still don’t know, but it was still a pretty good pizza. We stayed up talking until about four, and then all of us went to bed.

The next day, we were supposed to wake up early to go on a mandatory tour around Trois-Rivières at 9:45. My roommates and I decided not to go the night before so I ended up sleeping in until one, and woke up to find Shereen and Marian sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch: pizza. I joined in, and then relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. At about five, a few friends and I went to Loblaws to go grocery shopping, and then quickly walked back to the residences. We took a taxi to Le Buffet des Continents, and waited in line for at least a half hour to get a table. Finally, we got to get food. This buffet was amazing! There was food from all over the world, and it had pretty much everything you could think of. I passed on the frog legs though.. and I actually piled my plate up completely and I only got to go through three of the buffet tables. Like, it was huge! After eating for an hour and a half straight, I could barely move but I made it back to the apartment okay. Mel ended up calling me, just as she does every night so I talked to her and Andrea for a while. Then at 1:30 in the morning, Katie called me (finally) and we ended up talking nonstop for three hours and ten minutes 🙂 By the time I got to bed, it was about five so I fell asleep pretty much as soon as my head hit the pillow.

The next day I woke up at two, and chilled for the entire day. It was very relaxing, and I honestly didn’t do anything at all, except talk on the phone with Mel, and later with Steph and Katie. Afterwards I did homework before bed with all of my roommates.

The next day was Monday, meaning classes started again. We had two mini-tests, which sucked, and then we got to learn more French! After class, Mariam and I had lunch, and found out that one of our friends got a red card because she got caught speaking English. She got two points taken away, and now she has to read a French poem by heart in front of the entire cafeteria tomorrow to earn back one of her points. After lunch, we went to our workshop, which was Laboratoire français. It is honestly the most boring thing ever. We sit on the computer, and repeat the phrases it says for an hour and half. Could I have done this in Saskatoon? Uh, yeah.. so it’s kind of just a waste of my time. My friends and I weren’t too impressed, plus we have to go to the workshop twice a week. After the workshop, we had supper, and then I went back to the apartment. Luckily, I didn’t have any homework cause I did it all in class, but I was in my room from 7 until 11 that night because I was on the phone. Mel called me at least three times throughout the night, then I had to talk to my mom, dad, and sister..oh, and my cat. Not only was I stuck in my room the entire night, but it was ABSOLUTELY BOILING HOT! Like actually, I was pretty much unable to survive. But I went to bed and eventually fell asleep.

Today, I woke up and went to class, where we had a small auction-type thing. After class, I had a quick lunch, then walked to the mall with Shereen, Nicole, Alicia, and Christine. I totally bought a fan!!!!!!! It’s like, 12 inches of relaxation fit into a box. Currently, it is cooling the air around me so that I will be able to sleep and be in a good mood. Anyway, after going to the mall, I walked back with my fan. It took about 40 minutes, and my arms started to hurt, plus I was boiling hot, but it was all worth it. I got back to the apartment, and had to go to my workshop, which was conversational french. I couldn’t focus at all cause the heat took out every ounce of energy that I had but it was pretty much a debate thing. After the workshop, I had supper and then started to do my laundry! Now, I’m just waiting for it to finish, and I think it could possibly be done so I should go check. I love you all!! xoxoxo Janelle

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