Halfway Done!

So as you can tell by the title, today is the official halfway point of the program. The time has went by soo fast and it’s hard to believe that I’ve already reached this point! I’m pretty sure that the rest of my time here will fly by. Not only is today the halfway point, but it’s also the day that my monthly text-messaging renews itself. For those of you who see me texting all the time, you probably won’t be surprised to know that my count for this month is 1682 messages sent. But if you look at is this way, that averages out to about 55 texts a day, which actually isn’t that many. So what have I been up lately, you ask? My honest answer is not much of anything.

Sunday, I woke up at about ten because Mariam and I were planning to go to the fair that came to Trois-Rivières. To our dismay, the forecast called for rain so we didnt actually end up going. I was pretty disappointed because it only cost ten dollars to go on as many rides as I wanted, but now I’m just looking forward to the Ex more! For the rest of the day, I just relaxed in my room because I was still pretty tired from the day before, in Québec City. I then realized how much I missed everyone, and had a huge catharsis. All is well now though, and I think I was just really wornout, so I went to bed early.

On Monday, I went to class and we started off with a minitest. The rest of the day was pretty relaxed. After my workshop, Mel phoned me and we watched a movie together (we both watched the same movie at our homes, while on the phone the entire time). We watched John Tucker Must Die, and afterwards, we talked for a while. Our phonecall lasted for 169 minutes, which is pretty normal because we usually talk for about an hour and a half to two hours everyday. After I got off the phone with Mel, I watched Enchanted because even though it’s supercorny, I still love how cute it is! Plus guys, you can learn a few things from it.. 🙂 After the movie, I went to bed early again so that I could catch up on sleep.

Yesterday, I started my “no facebook or msn week” so I won’t be on either of those until Monday. I had a presentation in class on ‘what’s one of the most important things to you’, and I did La Musique! I went back home after class, and watched A Night At the Roxbury. Mariam and I then went to our workshop, only to find out it was cancelled so we just stayed in the cafeteria and visited with people before having an early supper. After supper, we went back to the apartment to clean and then we went to the campus pub for Carla’s (one of our roommates) surprise birthday party. She wasn’t expecting it at all when she walked in, and I think everyone had a good time! The picture that I put on is of me and all of my roommates. After the pub, a bunch of us went back to our apartment to visit and to listen to music. Afterwards, everyone went home and we did our homework. After studying in bed, I went to sleep.

Today, I’ve only went to class. I didn’t go for lunch because I actually feel like I’m getting fat from all of this food! An occassional poutine turned into a poutine every second day, which turned into a poutine everyday. I’m scared that if I keep going, it’ll turn into two poutines a day. Sure, I could order something else but my choices are basically pizza, cheeseburgers, or fries, and I feel like my body can’t take anymore grease. For this reason, I made pasta at the apartment for myself, and I feel a lot better! It’s hard to try to eat healthy when there’s not really anything healthy to choose in the cafeteria. In an hour, I have my workshop and then I’m going to have to study hardcore, because my final exam is tomorrow! After tomorrow, I’ll be starting my second course. I hope everyone is having a great time!
Love Janelle

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