Two More Weeks?!

I can’t believe there’s only two more weeks left!! On Wednesday night, I was planning on studying for my final so that I could at least do decent on the exam but my plans were changed. Katie ended up calling me, followed by a call from Stephanie so I ended up being on the phone for four hours that night, and by the time I could start studying, it was one. No big deal though; I went to the exam the next morning and found out that there were a lot of unexpected things included in the exam that I wouldn’t have studied for anyway. I passed and that’s all that matters. Right after the exam, we started our second course. We then had lunch and went to our workshop (computer lab), then had supper. After supper, we went back to the apartment to work on homework and later that night, we decided to order a pizza. This time we just got it from Pizza Hut because we know that they cut their pizzas. After finishing our homework, we went to bed.

Friday was a very tiring day since we stayed up so late eating pizza. We went to class and after lunch, I went back to the apartment and fell asleep on my bed. Thankfully, someone called me (still not quite sure who..) at six, which was when la soirée québécoise started so I got out of bed and went to get supper before going to la soirée québécoise. It was basically a night full of crêpe-eating, folkdancing, and storytelling. The best part of the night was when three of the guys walked in wearing all blue. And by wearing, I mean they were painted. My friends and I left the festivities soon after the dance and went back to the apartment, and later went to the Mexicans’ apartment. The Mexicans were having a goodbye party for their friends who only signed up for the three-week program. At about midnight, everyone headed to centre-ville and we went to a club called Le Temple, where there was lots of dancing and drinking. We headed back home at about two, and ended up going to bed at around four.

Saturday morning was the trip to Parc national de la Mauricie but all of us ended up sleeping in so none of us went. I woke up at about 12:30, and all of my roommates and I just talked and ate lunch together at around three. After lunch, a few people went to the beach and a few people just stayed here, including myself. One of my friends (Kristin) likes doing photography as a hobby, so she ended up posting pictures of all of us on her blog. I’ve taken a few from her so I’ll be able to show everyone at home. After my relaxing afternoon, we all met up at a restaurant called Gambrinus at eight and afterwards, made our way back to the apartment. There were probably about seven of us in the apartment, and we were just playing cards and relaxing. Suddenly, our door buzzed and about ten people were at the door. That’s when the party started. More people started coming, and there were about 20-25 people who ended up coming here. The rules state that we can only have four other people in our apartment at any time, but no one seemed to care because everyone was having a lot of fun. Luck seemed to be on our side last night though. Everyone started to head out at about one, so by 1:25, there were nine people in our apartment. Then at 1:30, Nicole got a call from her boyfriend and left. As she was leaving our apartment, security was walking in and because the music was so loud, when security walked through our door, they couldn’t hear that we were speaking English. Because Nicole left two minutes before security walked in, there were only eight people total left in our apartment, which is the allowed amount! We only got asked to turn down our music, and then they left. Phew! Luckily, they didn’t notice the fire alarm that was disconnected or the hookah on the kitchen table, and they just seemed to ignore all of the bottles of alcohol that were all over our living room. We just stayed up and talked for a while, and I met a Polish guy who plays piano as his job! Plus he’s only 18, so he must be amazingly good! Apparently he has concerts everywhere. I asked if I could watch him play sometime, and I’m superexcited to hear him! After talking, I ended up going to bed at about three.

This morning, Shereen and I woke up bright and early (at nine) to go to church with Kristin. The church was huge!! And it was so pretty! It was actually a great experience, except for the fact that none of us understood the sermon at all. It’s hard enough going to a new church, especially when it has a different belief system than your own, but when it’s also a completely different language, it definitely makes it a bit more difficult. After church, we went to a cute little coffee shop and visited, and then went for a short walk downtown. We then came back home, and my family called so I talked to them for a while, and now I’m here! I’m planning on going to the mall this afternoon, and then I’ll find out what’s in store for tonight. I hope Stephanie’s having a great time 🙂 and I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and staying safe! I love and miss you all!! xoxox

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