Home Again

This last week flew by so fast, which made it even harder to leave. On Tuesday, we had classes and then I went to the mall to do some last-minute shopping. That night, we went to a concert (The Chili’s), and they were a tribute band for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Later that evening, there were about 20 of us who went for a walk at 1 in the morning and we walked to the top of a sand dune (about a half hour away from campus). At 2, most of us decided to leave but Mariam, Chris, and Carla wanted to spend the night there.

The next morning was our last day of classes, and we had to do our oral presentations. Afterwards, we spent the entire afternoon cleaning up the apartment and then that evening, we went to the campus pub before going back to our apartment to study for the huge final the next day.

Thursday was my last day there, as well as the day of the final. We all went to our classes the next morning and I’m going to be honest in saying my final didn’t go to well. My classmates and I literally thought that our teacher tried to screw us all over. Oh well.. after the finals, we went for lunch and after lunch, we had to write our post-test. This was the exact same test we took at the beginning of the program so that they could see how much we progressed. We all went back to my apartment and I finished packing and at 3:30, a taxi came to pick me up. It was sooo hard to leave, with all of my roommates crying, and I cried the whole way back to the bus station. After I got to the bus station, I got on the bus which left at 4, and it took me to Montréal. I arrived there at 6, and then I had to take a bus to the Montréal airport, which was about 30-45 minutes. Once I got to the airport, I waited until 12 to board my plane but unfortunately, my plane was delayed so we didn’t end up leaving until about 1. Once I arrived in Toronto, I realized that my bags were supposed to go all the way to Saskatoon so I had to wait for a half hour so that they could find my bags and then I got in a taxi and arrived at my hotel 45 minutes later, at about 3 that morning. I got to bed at around 4 and woke up at 7:30 so that I could get to my meeting at the French Consulate early. My meeting was at about 9:45 and I spent the next hour and a half looking through the stores in downtown Toronto. I went back to my hotel so I could check out at 12, and took a taxi back to the airport. My plane left at 4 and I finally arrived back in Saskatoon at 6:00 pm. Unfortunately, I had to spend the next hour packing so that I could leave again. My family and I went to Zealandia for our family reunion for the weekend, and we just got back into Saskatoon. Five more weeks here until I go to France!