Confessions Of An Overthinker

Written Thursday, September 11th, 2008
I apologize in advance to any errors; I’m still trying to figure out this keyboard…and it literally took me at least a half hour to type this out.

Hello to everyone, from the other side of the world. What a trip this has already been! I’ve spent the entire time being extremely tired thanks to the lack of sleep I had the night before I left. Yes, I know everyone was supposed to leave at midnight but I guess my parents should have known that it wouldn’t happen. For all of you who don’t know, Mel snuck back into the house and spent an hour hiding behind my couch in the front room while we texted each other, waiting for my dad to finish working. Yes dad, when you came up and talked to me, giving your work number if I needed to call you, Mel was behind the couch that entire time. Afterwards, Mel and I spent an hour and a half in the basement before I drove her home for the last time ever at 2:30 in the morning. Saying goodbye to everyone in the airport was so hard, and I bet most of you saw me cry for the first time ever. I will miss everyone sooo much while I’m here, but I will always make sure I keep in touch. Once I got through security, I waited to board my plane, and talked to a nice old lady about traveling. Once I finally got on the plane, I pretty much broke down. While crying and not crying, trying to sleep and not succeeding, listening to music and crying more when hearing familiar songs, finding Mel’s present in my backpack and crying again, I think it’s safe to say the man next to me probably thought someone died. I sat there thinking “Why am I doing this?” “Why ten months?” “What if I come back and everything’s different?” and so on and so forth for the four hours that I was on the plane. The plane was even more delayed when we stopped in Ottawa and I was just hoping that I would miss my plane to Paris. However, when we finally got to Montréal and I saw the city again from up above, I felt like I was home again and all of my sad thoughts floated away. I just wanted to stay forever. I walked as fast as I could from one side of the airport to the completely opposite side. As I felt the burn rush through my legs, my mouth dry from already being dehydrated and tired; and my money belt thing sticking to my stomach cause it was rising up as I walked, my mind was rushing with so many different thoughts: “I hope I make it, this’ll be good for me” “I hope I don’t make it, I’ll just stay here” “Maybe I can go back.” I got to the gate with ten minutes left until departure, and there was even still a huge lineup to get on the plane. But once I got through and onto the plane, wow. That’s all I can say. The plane was HUGE, like three columns of three, and thirteen rows in each section. I think there were about 4 sections, and I was in the front of the very last one, in row 51. So given those numbers, there were at least 100 people in each section; except for the front which was first class, but the first class was so cool too! Like, this plane was bigger than the Wedding Singer plane. I got window seat, as usual, and I sat beside this couple probably my age or a year older. Across the aisle from me was a man who could very well be a not-so-good-looking second cousin of Alexandre Despatie. But alas, he was wearing a ring. I spent the entire five hours listening to music or trying to sleep and not being able to. When we first got on the plane, it was 8pm Montréal time so they served us supper; and then 3.5 hours later, it was 7:30am Paris time so they served us breakfast. Once I finally got to Paris, I had to stand in line for about a half hour to go through security and then I got my luggage and met Laurent, the father of the family I’m staying with. Of course, I forgot about that whole kiss on the cheek thing and felt like a retard when he leaned towards me and I had no idea what he was doing. We had to take a 1.5 hour train ride back towards where they lived, and I spent the time falling in love with every house that we went past. Once we got to the station, Catherine (the mom) and Julien (the 8-year-old boy – SO adorable!) were there to greet us. Laurent went back to work while Catherine drove me back to their house, which took about another twenty minutes. Once we got there, she showed me around the house and then she went grocery shopping while I spent the next hour unpacking. As she was preparing lunch, Alexia (the 12-year-old girl) came home and then we all ate lunch, which was fish, potatoes, and beans. Catherine thought it was very weird how we Canadians have things such as sandwiches for lunch. After lunch, Catherine took me to my school and to Julien’s school to show me around, and then we dropped Julien off at soccer. Julien doesn’t speak any English at all; he only knows his colours and a few random words, but he can’t make conversation or anything. Alexia is pretty good at English, she’ll understand if I talk really slow and use words that she would know but she only really knows present tense. Catherine and Laurent know English very well, Catherine’s still working on hers but it’s really easy to communicate. I however realized I don’t really know as much French as I thought I did, and now I kind of wish I actually spoke French while in Quebec. Once Catherine and I got back home, I took some time to rest for about an hour and then Julien (who came back home after soccer) and Alexia asked me if I wanted to play the Wii with them. So that’s just what I did, and I suck. It was fun though, and afterwards, we had supper, which was a salmon quiche, and it was actually really good. After supper, Catherine showed me some stuff I would have to do around the house and then I FINALLY got to go to bed, after being awake for 30+ hours. I actually didn’t have a very good sleep though because I kept waking up throughout the night. I woke up at seven, and walked Julien to school at eight, and now I’m here! And I have about six more hours until I have to pick Julien back up from school. I hope everyone is having a great time without me, and I hope everyone remembers to keep me updated. Love always!

6 thoughts on “Confessions Of An Overthinker

  1. That’s okay, it would have taken me over an hour to write that on a normal keyboard. Zipper says hi. Glad to hear everythings going well 🙂


  2. Ben’s comment is funny. But so true. I’ve been waiting to hear from you ever since you left and I just sit on skype all night and completely forgot about your blog! I haven’t even talked to Laura! Anyway, school’s good and I dropped jazz studies to take physics, if you’re wondering. Although I’m sure you don’t care. Anyway, love you, I’m glad you made it there safely (and made it there, period. you seemed pretty hesitant). Talk to you soon!


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