Just Some Pictures

Here are some pictures I’ve decided to add just so all of you can have an idea of the house, the town, etc. You can click on them to make them larger.

Alright, here’s a map of Le Perray. I’ve written in where you find Julien’s school, the house, and the train station that I have to go to in order to get to my school.

This is the front gate of the Langlet’s house.

This is the room where pretty much everything happens:

We sit and read, we watch tv, and we eat our meals.

Here’s the kitchen. The chairs aren’t normally up but the maid was there that day. The little cup-
board under the stove? That’s their fridge.


Their swimming pool, and their outdoor
ping-pong table!

The street that I live on; we were pretty much meant to be!
And the horses across the street from the house.

Last but definitely not least, Alexia and Julien – the two sweetest kids I’ve ever met!

I’m working on the next post so make sure you keep checking for updates! For those of you who might want to write, I’ve included my address on the side. Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo

2 thoughts on “Just Some Pictures

  1. awwe sweet, a ping pong table outside! Guess what I just made? Stovetop stuffing. I dont think I put enough water in though so it was kinda gross.


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