Lemon Tree

So Thursday afternoon, I ended up going to Rambouillet but I didn’t end up going to the castle; I found a mall instead. I spent an hour or so there and then I came back to Le Perray to pick up Julien from school. We played Monopoly and I won (I’ve decided if I have to play so many times, I’m not playing nice anymore :P). Friday, I had school. Kari left the class cause she was more advanced, while a new girl came: Zosia, and I believe she’s from Michigan? but I’m not exactly sure. The classroom is on the left. After class and labs, I took the train back to Le Perray to meet up with Alexia and Julien, and then we took the train to St. Quentin to meet with Catherine. After that, Laurent came to pick us all up and we made our way to Deauville.

Deauville is about a two hour drive from Le Perray, and it’s right beside the sea, in the province of Normandie (which is known for it’s apples). It’s a really rich city, and the houses were absolutely amazing! The houses on the right are typical houses in Deauville. When we got there, the sun was just setting and it was absolutely gorgeous. We stayed in the house that the lighthouse-keeper used to live in but now that the lighthouses work automatically, no one lives in it anymore. The house on the left is the one that we stayed in. We stayed with family friends of the Langlets’ and they had two kids: Brian and Solène. The whole family was really nice, even though only the mom and Brian spoke a bit of English. Once we got there, we all went out for supper, and I had a crêpe for supper as well as for dessert (banane chocolat, mmm!) I also had my first drink in France (third drink ever! haha), which was cidre, and it was really not that good.

The next morning (Saturday), we toured the city. We went to the market, and visited the huge hotel that many celebrities stay at (on the left). We then went walking on the beach, and I saw the dressing rooms of many famous people. We went back to the house for lunch and I got to experience watching people eat shrimp (I didn’t want any) straight from the bag from the marketplace. As in they were full, cold shrimp… After lunch, we all went to a nearby town called Honfleur and it was absolutely gorgeous! We window-shopped at all the little stores and got back in time for supper. On the left is a picture of me in front of the port.

The next day (Sunday), we went to Beauville en Auge by accident so we stayed there for about a halfhour (on the right), and then we went to Beuvron en Auge (where we actually meant to go). It was a cute little town, and just seemed really joyful (left). On the way back to Deauville, we stopped in another little town for lunch. I ended up having a Mackerel filet with mustard sauce, and I even tried a mussel for the first time. Not that bad.. For the afternoon, we spent our time on the beach in Deauville, and in the evening, we went back to Le Perray. The weekend was overall absolutely amazing and it was great seeing a whole new part of France. I’ve added a few more pictures at the bottom because there’s a lot more I want to show (although I’m not putting up all 150 pictures, sorry).

Left – The kids beside the place where everyone does their laundry in Honfleur
Right – Julien and Solène playing in the sand

Left – The view from my window on the foggy Sunday morning
Right – Some of the buildings and houses in Beauville en Auge

Left – Solène was talking to the turkies in Beuvron en Auge and they were talking back

Right – The beach in Deauville

This morning, I had laboratory, and this afternoon, I hung out with Adriana. We looked at the castle in Rambouillet and walked through some of the streets. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera but I’ll definitely go back another day and take some pictures because it was absolutely gorgeous! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Love always
Lemon Tree – Fool’s Garden

5 thoughts on “Lemon Tree

  1. Oh Janelle! These pictures are beautiful! I wish I could be there with you, holding you in my arms again!!! ohhhhh pffftttt hahahahahahaha lol jk. So yeah these are great photos and I am glad you are having such a good time. Glad you hung out with someone for the first time. Thanks for ignoring my skype call today. Miss ya!Ben


  2. I am so envious. I want to be YOU!! Looks like such fun. I can’t wait to see some of this stuff. I’m sure you’ll plan my agenda 🙂 Lots of love,OXOXOXOXO


  3. Hi JanelleWe enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading your blog.Looks like your’re having a wonderful time.We look forward to following your blog.Have a great time.Keith and Linda


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