La Confession

This has definitely been the hardest week for me. I’ve found myself breaking down really easily and trying to distance myself from home. Deleting my facebook for the rest of the week seemed to help me get things back on track, and now everything seems to be back to normal. I think that it was normal for me to be going through rough times at that point of my trip though. Tuesday, I biked with Julien to school. I guess I have never mentioned before that the kids are locked outside the school grounds except for between 8:15 and 8:30. If you’re late, there’s no getting into the school, and if you’re early, you’re going to have to wait outside in the cold until the gates are opened. We’re always early, because Julien always has to get to school and make some good Pokemon trades before class begins. Most of the boys have their Pokemon cards, and most of the girls have their skipping ropes, reminding me of my grade 3 and 4 years. Also, pretty much all of the kids have suitcase-like backpacks, with the wheels and handles and everything. After dropping Julien off, the rest of Tuesday was my stay-at-home day. I definitely just spent the whole day doing nothing because I didn’t feel like going out.

Wednesday, Julien and I played Monopoly, then I Spy, and then Alexia and I played the Sims, and we all played another game of Monopoly afterwards. Thursday was by far the worst day of my trip; so many things happened and my mind was flying everywhere. I had to escape from the house cause I realized staying there, I was just letting my mind take over. I went to Rambouillet and walked around to clear my head, and things seemed to get better from there. Once I got back, Julien and Alexia were ready to play yet another game of (three guesses) Monopoly!

Friday, I had class so it was nice to be around English-speaking people again. There are two more additions to our class: Monika and Helena. Monika is 19 and she’s from Germany, and Helena is 18 and she’s from England. We’re all a pretty good group, and apparently next week, we’re getting one MORE person: this time, a male au pair. The labs were really boring so Adriana and I left early to go back to Le Perray. Alexia was already at home so her and I watched a show called Incredible Talent, which I believe we have in Canada. It was really long, but it was also good, and I found myself easily understanding what was being said (yay!).

On Saturday morning, Catherine, Alexia and I went into Rambouillet to go shopping for clothes. I didn’t end up buying anything cause my money is limited, but I enjoyed looking at all of the clothes. When we got back, we had lunch and then in the afternoon, Laurent and I went to the bank to open my bank account. I didn’t understand anything during the entire meeting; I just sat there and waited for Laurent to tell me what was going on. Afterwards, Laurent and I went to the store to buy some ingredients to make cookies. What we bought: brown sugar (they don’t have any at home), and a chocolate bar (I don’t think chocolate chips exist here, and if they do, they’re really hard to find). We got back to the house and Alexia and I started to make cookies. I don’t think baking is a huge thing in this household because Alexia pulled out a scale that we had to weigh everything on. That was just the beginning of new things I tried today. We started to make the cookies and the first thing we needed was butter, so we just took the butter dish that we use for dinners and weighed all the butter on the scale. Next was the sugar. Now of course, today was the day we ran out of sugar so what did we do? We took sugar cubes and squished them into sugar, which took so much time because they were super hard. Next was the egg, easy enough. Next was the vanilla, but they don’t have liquid vanilla, they have vanilla sugar so that’s just what we used. Everything else was pretty straightforward, except for the chocolate, which we had to break into little pieces. And today after supper, the cookies were the dessert. And Catherine took a picture haha, I was so shocked at how excited the family was to eat cookies. I’m thinking maybe I’ll try to make a different kind every two weeks or something.

Sunday was my day off so I woke up extra early (six am) and left the house by 7:20 to make it to the Louvre just before it opened. I got there at 8:55 and there was a HUGE line. Yes, security had to come move half of us because we were going through the entire mall, heading upstairs to the metro, blocking everyone and anyone who needed to get through. Luckily I came right when it opened though; I got in really quickly and for the first two hours, it was super quiet. I pretty much got the entire room to myself every time I went into a different room. However, by 11 it was already super crowded. It was neat to see everything but I definitely didn’t explore the entire thing. To walk through the entire Louvre is the length of many football fields put together so you can only imagine the toll it took on my legs, shoulder, and feet. It’s also divided into 3 sections; I explored one of the sections the entire morning and thought I finished it so I stopped for lunch. After lunch, I started to explore one of the other sections and I realized I miss an entire floor of the other section so I went back and looked at it (there are three floors so it’s hard to see everything). I think I got lost way too many times to count, and I’m pretty sure I saw some parts more than once and missed other parts. My favourite part of the Louvre was the Egyptian section, as well as all of the African artifacts. There was also some stuff from Canada too. Well, by 2 o clock, I was already tired out so I left without even seeing the last section and I went to the flea market. There was some really neat stuff that people were selling, but I only spent my time looking at everything. First day in Paris and I have three new phone numbers haha, I don’t think I’ll be calling them though. After the flea market, I went to Montparnasse and looked at some of the cinemas and other surrounding stores before going back home. Julien and Alexia asked to play with me when I got back and even though it was my day off, I still spent some time with them, even though Catherine told me I didn’t have to. I taught the kids how to play Go Fish and they seemed to like it. And last night, I slept very easily from my day of constant walking.

Today I had workshops at the school, and then I came home and just relaxed. The weather’s not nice enough to spend time outside but tomorrow, Adriana, one of her friends, and I might go shopping at a mall about 20 minutes from here. Today is the 6th – 9 months from when I come back home on July 6th. And tomorrow, it’s been 4 weeks since I left. It’s crazy to think that I’m already 10 % done my trip! I’m enjoying it so much though, and I have a lot more planned for the upcoming weekends.

Christmas is one of my favourite seasons and I’ve just been waiting for some things that remind me of Christmas to appear. I know that one of the things that lets me know Christmas is coming are all the fairs, and next week on the 17th and 18th, there’s a Christmas Craft Fair at the WDM in Saskatoon so I’m thinking that everyone that can go should definitely try to make an appearance, even if you’re not planning on buying anything. I hope everyone had a great weekend, and make sure you all keep me updated on what’s going on! Love always

La Confession – Manau

4 thoughts on “La Confession

  1. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe how huge that museum is. And you took the photo where the pyramids were in the movie DaVinci Code – so cool. I’m surprised that you are allowed to take photos of the artwork. It looks like it was amazing!XOXOXOO, mom


  2. You should know that I religiously download all the songs that you post. I enjoy listening to all of them. Sounds like a lovely time darling. Keep up the good work! Maybe you’ll have a good christmas bonus… 😉


  3. Hey Girly. I’m sad to hear you had a rough week =( But glad to hear things are getting better!The Louvre looks so cool but GASP I know you’re not supposed to take pictures of the Mona Lisa. You naughty girl 😉 I hope you’re planning a trip to the MOULIN ROUGE soon! That’s what I wanna see! I’ve been listening to the soundtrack constantly lately. I miss you so much, and can’t wait to read about all your other adventures! love yoou!


  4. Yeah, I’m allowed to take pictures of anything, as long as there isn’t a flash. But then I came up to the Mona Lisa and I was like, I’m not waiting in line for 15 minutes so I can get a picture of this and for it to be blurry, so I used my flash, oops. And I will make sure I get some good songs for you Ben. Also, I’ll probably be going to see the Moulin Rouge this weekend or next weekend, depending on the weather. Hopefully it’ll be a fun time!


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