Les Feuilles Mort

I guess many changes are bound to happen when living in a different country and culture, whether they are small changes or large changes. I’ve mentioned quite a few throughout my blog, and there are still so many more that haven’t been talked about or are so small that they hardly seem noticeable. A few changes that have happened to me as well: eating breakfast everyday (never used to eat breakfast), having oranges as part of my breakfast (never ever ate oranges), I’ve only went to bed past midnight probably four times (yeah, this is me we’re talking about), and I’ve woken up after nine twice since I’ve come (during my first week here). And yet, I seem to have enough energy to carry out my day since I go to bed at around 10:30 every night. Surprised? I sure am, but it’s still me.

On Tuesday, I played Monopoly with Julien and then Alexia and I watched the French version of Grease. She seemed to really like it, and Julien even came in and started dancing to some of the songs. That night, I watched Edward Scissorhands, thinking it would be a movie that I wouldn’t enjoy at all. However, I fell in love with every character and I thought it was such a cute movie except for the end, which could have been left out. But I did end up crying many times throughout the movie, and not just getting teary-eyed but actually balling my eyes out, which is probably one of the first times I’ve ever done that for a movie.

Wednesday, I taught Julien how to do a card trick and he was so excited to show his family. We watched more of Horton Hears a Who but we still haven’t had enough time to finish it. On Thursday, I went into Saint Quentin to try to find jeans. Did I find jeans? No. Did I find everything else? Yes. So I spent more money on stuff I don’t NEED, just WANT…not a good thing to start doing. That night, Alexia and I talked for an hour and a half and I realized I have so many things that I have to do with them (they’ve never heard of painting Easter eggs!). On Friday, I had school again. The class was good and afterwards, the girls and I went out for lunch downtown. I played two games of Monopoly with Julien and Alexia that afternoon and later that night, Alexia came running excitedly into my room saying that this year, they’re getting a real Christmas tree (she told me the night before that they always only have a plastic one)! So that’s one thing I can look forward to that will remind me of home.

Saturday was a great day! In the morning, I played the Wii and Guess Who with Alexia and then after lunch, Catherine surprisingly said that I could have the rest of the day off until the evening so I quickly caught the next train to Paris. Once I got there, I went back to the Islands, looked at the Notre-Dame a bit more, and saw plenty of performers along the streets. I loved being able to watch and hear the familiar songs. Once I got to the bridge to go back to the main land, there was a huge crowd of people with a man saying we’d have to wait for 15 minutes to cross the bridge. So while I’m waiting, I’m just looking around, and I see all these really old looking cars parked on the bridge. So then I think, “It must be a car show or something”. I’m waiting, waiting; finally they let us go across. I walk past another group of people, with a man holding a camera and I think “Oh something must have happened, they’re doing the news..”. Then I walk past this lady who’s dressed up really old-fashioned and I think, “She’s dressed a bit over-the-top just to tell the news..” Then this lady starts handing out pictures of herself and if finally hits me. I’m in Paris, and I’m in the middle of a movie set. Yes, I know..If anyone wants to send me a pack of blonder hair dye in the mail, I won’t be offended. I don’t know what movie it was or who the lady was, but it was neat to be able to see everything. All the old cars, the old train, the outfits, so cool! I kept looking around and I must look like I’m feeling at home now cause quite a few people came up to me and asked me for directions. I then made my way to the Cimetière du Père Lachaise. First, I visited the grave of Frédéric Chopin (thanks to my piano teacher), and it was absolutely gorgeous – so many flowers. Afterwards, I went to the grave of Georges Bizet (the composer of Carmen), whose grave was quite a lot less popular than Chopin’s. Then, I went to the grave of Edith Piaf (a French singer. Songs you may recognize: La Vie en Rose or Dream a Little Dream of Me. My personal favourite: Milord). Her grave was really nice as well. Just to see those three graves and walk from one to the other took me a bit longer than one hour. Last weekend, Adriana, Helena, and I were talking about how interesting it would be to get a pedometer and I have to admit, I’m really curious how much I walk in one day spent in Paris. I came back to the house and we had supper, and then I talked with Alexia.

On Sunday, I left the house at 8:55 and took the train with Adriana to Paris. I then went to Hillsong Paris, yay! I was SO excited when I found out there was a Hillsong here because I’ve been listening to their music since I started going to camp. I remember wanting to move to Australia JUST so I could go to the church. Everyone was so friendly there, and it seemed like many people spoke both English and French. As soon as I walked in, one girl came up to me and started informing me about the different activities the Hillsong Community had to offer. Then the service started and I was so happy when I knew the first song! Other than that, I was screwed because the rest of the songs were from the new CD or in French. It was so cool being there though; there were people jumping in the pews and you could just FEEL the energy and spirit. The sermon was said in French and in English so I got to improve my French, and I was also able to understand what was being said. After church, I bought the new CD (I just had to) and then I had a quick lunch at a nearby restaurant and ruined my “one fry in France” record. I didn’t even eat all the fries though cause I started to feel sick. After lunch, I went to the Théâtre de Châtelet and I went to the Edward Scissorhands show! In this case, it was called Edward aux Mains D’Argent, which made me very confused cause it translates into Edward with hands of money, but I guess argent also means metal. My seat was decent, except for the big pole in front of me, blocking some of the stage. I guess that’s what I get for buying a middle-class 52€ ($80) ticket – Paris is way too expensive for me. However, they let us fill in the empty spaces once everyone got seated. There were no words, just dancing and acting. And yes, I ended up crying in the theatre.. it was really beautifully done. Also, with Danny Elfman being my second-favourite movie composer (next to Michael Giacchino), it was hard not to enjoy the music. After the play, I walked along the Seine for a while and then went back to Le Perray. This past week, there’s been a circus going on so when the train came up to Le Perray, there were two camels just hanging out close to the track.

Today, I went to school to do a workshop. This time, I went to a vocabulary workshop and we learnt the vocab of a house. I get a lot of free time for the rest of the day because Julien has juggling after school and Alexia doesn’t finish school until five. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Also for all of you readers, make sure you become a “dedicated reader” of my blog. Just click the “follow this blog” button on the left-hand side of the page. It’s nice to know who’s reading, and it adds a lot of support while being here. I love getting little text messages or comments every once in a while, just letting me know how everything’s going so thanks for those!
Les Feuilles Mort – Edith Piaf

5 thoughts on “Les Feuilles Mort

  1. Hey Janelle it’s great to follow your blog.It is most interesting to see how you adventure out and discover your fantastic surroundings.All is well in our world in Speedy Creek.Mike is glad that typhoon season is coming to an end in Taiwan and the temperatures have cooled down enough so that he can wear jeans.Our granddaughter Hayden is almost walking and loves to play “chase” as she crawls really fast around the house.Bye for now,Uncle Keith


  2. Hey Janelle. Great review again. I love your blog entries. Mary was very excited that you had gone to Chopin’s grave. She said the bush beside his grave blooms all year round and never changes colors or anything. I’m going over to her place again later to help her, as she is still having problems getting onto your site. Love you,XOXOXOXO mom(Ha,ha Ben, I beat you this time reading the blog!!)


  3. Thats gross Margo. Making something so small into a competition. haha. Anwyay, yeah great blog janksi. I love and miss you so much. I can’t till we get married (don’t take me seriously…yet) Anyway, keep up the good work! Sounds like a delicious time!Cya!BENN


  4. Hey Nellerz!My favorite part of reading your blog is when you go “so I quickly hopped on the train to Paris” like it’s no big thing. I wish I could just hop on a train to Paris on my day off! But I found one thing in common in our situations… we both live in movie set central! They were just filming a movie on campus here… No idea what one, but it had The Rock in it? And I just found out the other day that the dorm scenes in the exorcism of emily rose was filmed in MY building! Actually.. that’s kind of creepy now that I think about it.So, I was about to comment being like “isn’t is great having a little sister?” but then I was like… wait a second… So what all did you buy?! Also, my friend was showing me opera scene thingers on youtube from France, and I’ve decided you should go see the hunchback of notre dame.. or something. It looks AWESOME. Miss you a toon!! LYLAS!


  5. Sorry about that, after I posted it a realised there were some mistakes, here’s the revised edition :)So I’ve pretty much figured out that all the stuff that you did in that time frame is about what I’d do in a month or two. I’m so jealous, it sounds like you’re having a great time, this is the first blog I’ve read so far and I’m going to backtrack and read as many of them as i can but I’m going to keep up to date now as well, I can’t wait to hear more of your adventures, there should be a word for your adventures, like, Jenventures, or adventelles 🙂


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