All That Matters

Firstly, for those of you who have STILL not become dedicated readers of my blog, do so now! Just click the “follow this blog” button on the left side of my blog. I think that because this is such an eventful week, I’m going to have to do two posts for this week. I’m just going to completely skip over Monday because it’s a day that I would rather not remember but I can sum it up as my worst day here. On Tuesday morning, I took the train to Paris and decided I would spend most of the day outside. I stopped at the Louvre, this time actually going into the grounds. Then I walked through the Jardin des Tuileries, which is a statue garden about the size of two football fields. I’ve read my tourist books almost from cover to cover so therefore, I literally know all the pick pocketing tricks and scams in the book. I was actually kind of excited when one person tried one on me because I remembered Rick Steves’ advice about the “lost ring” scam. A lady came up to me asking if I dropped a ring and I said no, but then she stated, “But it’s made of pure gold!” just as the book said she would. So I just walked away and continued on my walk while she kept yelling, “Wait, wait!” At the end of the garden, there was the Luxor Obelisk, which was a gift from Egypt. I then walked down the Seine (a very long walk) until I came to the Flame of Liberty, the memorial site for Princess Diana. After that I walked to the Passy Cemetery, which not only seemed like hours from the Louvre but WAS hours from the Louvre. It could be because the street sign pointed me in the wrong direction and I ended up walking all the way around the cemetery plus more. With very sore feet and my temper slowly getting shorter, I finally ended up finding the entry to the cemetery (this cemetery being A LOT smaller than the other ones I’ve been in) and I visited Debussy’s grave. I thought I should because if it weren’t for him, I probably wouldn’t have performed at variety night. After that, I was literally hardly able to walk so I took the metro to St. Michel, walked a tiny bit more, and found what I’ve been waiting for: The Great Canadian Pub. It was cute, with maple leaves and jerseys and such and I FINALLY got to have a much-needed Tim Horton’s coffee. Oh but wait…I’m in Paris, remember? So MY Tim Horton’s coffee cost me 4 Euro (aka 6 dollars). It was still worth it even if I don’t like coffee, but that’s the closest to Tim Horton’s I could get. I loved the music they played too: a lot of really old songs as well as lots of Barenaked Ladies. The bartender seemed to be from England or something, as she didn’t have a Canadian accent. After my rest, I took the metro to a shop called Chercheminippes – one of the many Value Village-like stores of Paris. However, it’s Paris so the chance that you’d find something here for 2 bucks is very unlikely; I think the cheapest thing I saw was between 30 and 45 Euro. After deciding that I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on second-hand clothing, I took the metro to a shop called Ken Claude, which is closer to resembling Value Village. The prices are more reasonable so I made sure I bought something I normally wouldn’t buy. I then went home and relaxed my feet and legs before having supper with the family.

Wednesday, I had to go shoe shopping and as most of you know, shoe shopping is one thing I can easily live without. It’s probably also kind of obvious with my three-year-old Vans but I needed a change because those Vans were actually carving a hole into my foot. I decided my best bet would be the Galeries Lafayette, a huge department store. And when I say huge, I mean seven levels (and that’s not counting level 0 and level -1). When I got there, I was so overwhelmed because each level was really big and I had no idea where anything was. Once I figured out the shoes were on the first level, I made my way to the 3100 m2 shoe department. I tried spending the smallest amount of time possible there and I got a pair of Converse sneakers since that’s all that everyone else seems to have (they’re CHOCOLATE coloured ☺). I then went to the Islands of Paris and got a large majority of my Christmas shopping finished. I know it’s the end of October but shops aren’t usually open on my day off so I thought I should just get most of it over with now. On my way home, I had my eyes closed while listening to August Rush and as it came to the climax of the song, I opened my eyes and it was white everywhere! It had snowed just in the one town we were passing through and I loved seeing it; it was really quite magical. When I got back to the house, I found out that I got a big package in the mail! The rest of the night I relaxed since I’d be working for the next two days.

Yesterday morning, Alexia and I dropped Julien off at a friend’s house and then we walked to the train station to go to Saint Quentin. Once we got there, we got tickets for the movie that we were going to and then we went to McDonald’s. With this being the second time that I’ve been to McDonald’s in the past seven years (the only other time being a week before I left), I was kind of scared what the outcome would be since last time, more of my food ended up in the toilet before even seeing my stomach. However, we stood in line for over a half hour to get our food and once we finally got it, I sucked it up and just ate it. It wasn’t that bad, and it definitely wasn’t as greasy as Canadian McDonald’s is. We had to eat in a hurry so that we could make it to the movie in time but because they show a half hour of previews when the movie’s supposed to start, we had plenty of time left. I got to spend the next hour and a half watching the French version of Highschool Musical 3, yay! It wasn’t even that bad, maybe cause it was in French so it didn’t seem as corny to me as the other two did. Afterwards, we went to the Carrefour to buy some food and then we went back to the house. Julien and I played PlayStation and I got pwned real bad. After, I taught him English while he taught me French until Catherine came home from work.

Today whether you are trick-or-treating, dressing up and partying, celebrating a birthday, or doing nothing, I hope you all have a fun Halloween that will start off a good weekend. There will still be another post on Monday, as usual. And one more thing: Happy Birthday, Mom! xoxo
All That Matters – Addison Road

6 thoughts on “All That Matters

  1. Okay, that sounds like too much fun! I want to go to the Canadian pub when I come there. And I just read about the gold ring scam on the internet a couple of days ago! Yikes! I can’t wait to see you. Everything looks so beautiful. Love you XOXOXO


  2. I hope you climbed / attempted to climb that big tree in the 2nd pic. and what would have happened if you told the lady it was your ring?


  3. I missed commenting on your last post. I am greatly sorry :(but more importantly, YOU SAW HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3!!! I am so proud of you! I’m seeing it for the 2nd time this week :)sounds like you do a lot of walking there. Good thing I guess, burn off all that mcdicks you’ve been eating lately! :Phaha I miss you a ton Nellerz, and I’m about to read your next post and probably comment on that one 🙂


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