Never Be Lonely

Yay for December! It’s impossible not to notice that Christmas is on its way, and I’m so happy for it! Even though I will most likely be spending Christmas (…illegally…ahem) in France, I mean, that’s just me living on the edge, isn’t it? I’m getting well-adjusted into this family’s routines and everything; it’s not too difficult. That is it’s not too difficult when the kids aren’t home ☺. But I’m surviving and I’m enjoying it.

Monday, I went to class and then on Tuesday, I went out for lunch with some of the au pairs because Helena was going back home the next day ☹. On Wednesday, my mom arrived in France although I just continued my day like any other day would be because she wasn’t coming to see me until Thursday. I was put in charge of putting Alice’s invitations together for her birthday party, and I’m also going to have to help plan what they’ll be doing. I’m so excited because I love planning things (as you all know)!

On Thursday, my mom came! It was nice to finally see someone after two and a half long months. She and I unpacked her suitcases (mmm Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Wheat Thins and Stovetop Stuffing) and caught up on what we missed. The next day, my mom went to school with me. While I was in school, she went to the mall and afterwards, we went out for lunch to the usual café (and I got her hooked on my favourite drink – chocolat viennois). My mom made me skip school for the afternoon (geez, what a bad influence…) and we went shopping for clothes. That night, I got the evening off since the kids went to their grandparents so my mom and I went out for dinner to an East-Indian Restaurant (Taj Mahal – so good!) and then we went to a movie called The Visitor, which was also really good.

On Saturday, I had to look after the kids in the morning and afternoon and then at 5:30, I was free for the rest of the weekend! My mom and I took a train to Paris and stopped at our hotel (called My Hotel in France – how original, eh?) and then we went out for dinner to a French restaurant called La Véraison. I had risotto for an entrée while my mom had full shrimp (by full, I mean heads included), and for the main dish, my mom had white fish while I had the best steak I’ve ever had in my life. And for dessert, crème brulée and a chocolate tart. Amazing, like I can’t even explain it. After dinner, I took my mom to the Opéra house and then we walked to the Galeries Lafayette because the lights there are absolutely incredible! It’s completely lit up and then there are window displays in every window; it’s so cool. But it was also really cold that night so we soon went back to the hotel.

Sunday morning, my mom and I woke up to go to church. After church, we took the metro to somewhere that I’ve been planning to go for a long, long time… ready for it? The Moosehead – a Canadian Bar and Grill. You have NO idea how excited I was to have scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon, and hashbrowns after not having them for three months! And maybe that’s why it tasted so good, but I really think it was just a great restaurant. After feeling completely full, we walked to Paris’ island to look at the Marché aux Fleurs and then we went to the Notre-Dame, which had a huge Christmas tree in front of it. We also went inside and it was amazing to see how enormous it was. After going there, we walked to Starbucks to get Crème Brulée Lattes which were good, but didn’t beat the actual Crème Brulées the night before. THEN, we took the RER to the Eiffel Tower, yay! And we actually went up to the top. It was so cool! And it showed where each country was if you looked through a certain window so at one point, I WAS actually looking in your general direction. There’s a light show on the Eiffel Tower every hour on the hour so that was also really neat to see. After feeling super cold, we went back to Rambouillet to have a quick supper (paninis) and then we went to bed.

Today, I woke up after having the “I’ll be home for Christmas” song stuck in my head the entire night (maybe it’s a sign?). I had to get the kids ready for school and then my mom and I had to go to Versailles for my meeting with the Préfecture. I brought all of the paperwork that they asked for (and there is so much) and then once they saw that I had it all, we waited for about a half hour more until they gave me my “Récépissé de Demande de Carte de Séjour,” which is basically proof that I’m waiting for my Carte de Séjour (which is the green card for me to stay here). So, my three-month visa obviously finishes at my three-month point, which is exactly in a week. And I’m pretty positive I won’t be getting my Carte de Séjour anytime soon, meaning I will most likely be in France without a Visa or anything. Kind of sketchy, no? Anyway, my mom and I went to the Versailles Castle, which was closed, but we still got to look at the gardens. Man, how I would love to have that much land with my own personal canal and everything… We came back in the afternoon (waiting at Platform V and four-eighths – not quite platform 9 and three-quarters but close enough) and I looked after the kids for a while and now I’m here!

There are a few new things that have been added to my schedule. First off, looking after Elsa. I was never supposed to look after her, especially alone, but it’s become a new occasional thing, not that I mind just as long as she isn’t crying. Also, I’m a personal drawer for Alice. I accidentally left a drawing that I was doing when I was bored in the living room of Nala in the Lion King, Alice found it and now she definitely keeps me busy, asking me to draw others. Then there’s the laundry. I mean, I don’t usually do it but when Anne once asked me if I could fold the clothes because she was busy, I was glad to help out. Now, she wants me to always fold the clothes because, “You fold so much better than I do” so that’s something that’s been added to my agenda haha. Now, what’s in your schedule for this week? Since you all missed the Rhubarb Festival at the Marr residence, you can go December 5th for their Old Time Christmas, yay! And that’s all I’ve got, sorry. I hope you all enjoy your December as much as you possibly can because the Christmas season is the best part of the year and it shouldn’t be wasted. I miss you all so much!! Bizous!
Never Be Lonely – The Feeling

5 thoughts on “Never Be Lonely

  1. Hi Janelle! Glad things are working out with your “new family” and that you are having a good time with your Mom! How long is she there for?The Eifel Tower is a spectacular sight isn’t it!Have fun!Heather


  2. No green card during Christmas? If you get sent to jail remember to act tough. Don’t do anything like flossing or get caught eating with a fork or knife–eat with just your hands or your face even. Oh and if anybody in there asks you what your favourite Christmas movie is; answer with a straight stern face and say Die Hard. Then proceed by watching it seventeen times straight and well, then. You’ve got yourself a scared..a really scared ..hope everybody knows i’m joking!


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