Love and Memories

So this week was pretty much my worst week ever – health-wise… and possibly emotionally-wise as well. I really don’t have much to update on unless you want to hear in great detail about how sick I was. During the week, the kids and I were both sick. They didn’t go to school on Thursday and I think we all just felt absolutely horrible, although I’m pretty sure I had something different than them considering they had fevers. Nope, I didn’t get what they had until the weekend. Basically what I had was something that made me too weak to do anything. Going up the stairs felt like I had just run a marathon, I couldn’t stand up while even brushing my teeth, I’d wake up a million times throughout the night with pains going up and down throughout my body, Anne said I was dead which I’m sure it definitely looked like it. I still had to carry on throughout my week whether I liked it or not though so that’s exactly what I did, just with a lot of rest in between. Every time I wasn’t working, I was either sleeping or watching Full House – I’ve already watched the first 15 episodes of the first season.

On Friday, I had school and that afternoon at school, we made Macarons fourrés au chocolat for Christmas! They were really good and I got the recipe too so I will probably be making them for Christmas next year. That night, the kids (thank goodness) went to their grandparents for the night so I slept for 12 hours straight, woke up to get ready, got dressed, fell back asleep on my bed and Alice woke me up two hours later for lunch. That day was Alice’s birthday party. Let’s just say I never want to do that again unless I have at least a bit of energy. Ten kids running around screaming isn’t that much fun. That night was another early night for me and I slept for around 11 hours before making myself get up and leave the house. I went to Paris and it was my worst day in Paris ever haha. It was basically a “Let’s feel sorry for myself because I’m here all alone” kinda day. I just wanted to go back home and I didn’t want to be here anymore. Then again, I don’t think I was quite all there since I hadn’t been able to think straight all week. I started in Starbucks, where I stayed for at least an hour literally tearing up or crying every time a Christmas song came on (which was pretty much every other song, if not every song) and that Christmas thing continued throughout the entire day… it’s very hard to avoid Christmas songs in Paris. Then I went to a movie called Two Lovers, which I don’t recommend to anyone. It was just really, really bad. And then I realized it was midafternoon and I still hadn’t eaten all day, which as you all know with my history isn’t a good thing so even though I didn’t want to eat, I sat myself down and bought lunch before going to the post office and mailing the second-last of my letters and then going back home early.

And today, I woke up and I definitely feel alive? I still have the normal sick symptoms but at least I’m not a walking zombie anymore. I went to school and played piano for the morning and soon, I’ll be picking up the kids from school. I was nervous for next week cause the holidays start and the kids won’t be at school so I was scared that I would be with the kids a lot more. And that’s exactly the case, but not quite. Oh no, there’s more. I think it’ll be pretty much normal until Christmas, they leave ON Christmas for one night (StoveTop Stuffing, here I come) and then they come back the next day with their friends, who are staying for four days. Oh right, I forgot to mention that their friends have four kids. Now I know a lot of you loved the Sound of Music back when you were younger and wished you could live the lives of the von Trapp family but I think my mind will be changing quite soon. Let’s just hope it turns out alright.

I will definitely miss my Christmas with the family, especially last year’s Christmas. Us all squished together in the basement watching Disney movies on the big screen on Christmas Eve. Then the twenty of us all crowded around the guitar hero Christmas day, waiting for our own turn – and everyone leaving after Auntie Merla and Craig start Black Magic Woman for the seventh time, determined that THIS TIME, they’ll get it. And the food and the laughter and tears, and the family gift exchange with most people satisfied with their gifts but always one person with a fake smile on their face, holding their brand-new flashlight. But there’s one new addition to replace me this Christmas so that’ll make it very special for everyone. This week, the Fireside Singers have their big concert December 21st so I’m hoping many of you will get a chance to go watch. It’s a tradition for me but I’ll sadly be breaking it this year. Well, this is the last full week before Christmas and I hope everyone gets the last of their shopping done and doesn’t let the Christmas stress take over them. Cause remember, Christmas has one meaning and one meaning only which most people tend to forget, so take the time to remember and just be thankful. Happy holidays! Love always
Love and Memories – O.A.R. (Turn this one up loud ☺)

8 thoughts on “Love and Memories

  1. Awe Janelle. I love you and I miss you too! Christmas just will not be right without you this year. I was listening to Christmas tunes as well, and the song, Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley was playing, and that is exactly how I will feel without you here this year. If it makes you feel better, I’ve been having lots of ‘feeling sorry’ for yourself moments myself, as I washed the dishes this morning, thinking of you as my tears fell into the dishwater! I LOVE you and miss you. Wish you were here.Lots of love from mom XOXOXOXOOXOXOXOOXOXOXOXOOOXOXOXOOXOXOOXOXOOXOXOXOOXOXOOXOXOO!!!


  2. OK Janelle that was a tear jerker! And THEN I have to read your Mom’s comments too!! OK now I have tears in my eyes. I know for sure this year I have Black Magic Woman exactly down as it should be – do you believe that! We miss you a lot and can’t wait for seven more months to pass and then we can see you. We will be holding you in our hearts this Christmas and will be thinking of you every moment. Love from Auntie Merla and Craig XOXOXOXOXOXO


  3. Hi Janelle! Yes, I too am teary after reading your blog and Margo's comments! Must be the time of year! We have been enjoying reading about your adventures and I especially like hearing about places you are visiting that I have been to as well. We just got your post card this morning, thank you for thinking of us, we will be thinking of you this Christmas, you'll be home before you know it!Love Heather, Trev & Dylan XO


  4. I Jannelle. I kone it is going to be hard for you to believe this, but your Uncle Burt actually was teary eyed while reading your last blog. It is always great to read your blog, even while crying. I look forward to Monday night to see what was up for you. As Marlene said earlier, we think about you always. Have a great Christmas. Take care. Uncle Burt.


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