Cool Yule

So I finally got out of my homesick and depressed stage halfway throughout this week, Thursday to be exact. Maybe cause it was my dad’s birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!) or maybe cause it was my one-third done point (100 days through, 200 to go). I took the DVD my mom left me and popped it into my laptop. Now this is a very special DVD although I’m pretty sure she left it as a joke, but I still appreciate the humour. Because I don’t have the Shaw channel here in France, as most of you are so lucky to have, I will not have the privilege of being able to watch the Shaw Holiday Fire Log. Lauren and I would always put it on and joke about the man who looked after the fire, “Oh, he’s on again! This time he’s wearing a different shirt though!” Heck, I even created the Facebook group “I’ve never watched a TV show better than the Shaw Holiday Fire Log!” which gained quite a bit of popularity during the past year. So my lovely mother decided to leave me the Holiday Fire DVD. Unfortunately, I think they’ve edited out the man so that it looks like it’s a perfect fire all the way through, although I haven’t exactly watched it all the way through – just listened to the music. It put me back into the Christmas mood though and I’ve really been looking forward to what France has in store for me within the next six and a half months.

My week was pretty normal. Wednesday, the kids were surprisingly better behaved than I think I’ve ever seen them for a long time. Lately they haven’t been listening at all, even to their parents so it was nice to have a day without fighting. On Friday, it was supposed to be my last day of school before the holidays but instead I had to make a trip to Paris so that I could have my medical exam in order to get my green card, yay! So all I had to do was everything they asked and then I’d get my green card, right? Wrong. No, I went there and waited for 25 minutes until they finally called me. Then there was the weight and height test, the eye test, and then the x-ray. After that, I had to wait for a long time to talk to a doctor. The doctor said there was a problem with my x-ray and she could tell that I had been coughing a lot lately. I told her that I was sick for the past two weeks and now, she wants me to see a pulmonary specialist just in case it’s something contagious, such as pneumonia. So, they told me all this stuff like chances are they might not be able to get me an appointment for another 8-10 weeks so in that case, I would have to renew my demande de carte de sejour in Versailles and go to the prefecture yet again. Luckily, they called me later that afternoon and told me that they got me an appointment in Paris on Monday afternoon, as in tomorrow. I guess I’ll finally be able to find out why I was feeling so absolutely horrible during those two weeks, if they can still tell what it was. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something like pneumonia cause I have honestly never felt that bad my entire life.

On Sunday, I got up nice and early to go to Paris. I stopped at Starbucks and enjoyed my usual chocolat viennois before going to church after missing it for the past two weeks. They had a nice Christmas performance, which was great to start off my day with. After church, I was just walking around, waiting to find a café and suddenly out of the corner of my eye, I saw it. I saw a small, bright sign with the word “Subway” written across it and I turned towards it without a second thought. It was nice to have Subway after more than 100 days without it but I’ve gotta say that the mustard pretty much ruined it for me. Even though I’ve gotten used to the mustard here, it doesn’t belong on a Subway sandwich, that’s for sure. After lunch, I went to the Galeries Lafayette to take a look at the inside of the store this time. The Christmas tree was absolutely amazing (and huge!). I then went to Montmartre (the most romantic part of Paris) and explored the streets, climbing the steep hills up to the Sacré Coeur. The view from it was so nice; I could see pretty much all of Paris. Not only that, but there were so many performers so I got to listen to Jingle Bells played on an accordion and many other Christmas carols played on a violin. I ended my night with a Nutella crêpe and went back home.

This week, the kids don’t have any school so it’ll be interesting to see if their attitudes will change or anything. I’m really looking forward to Christmas, even if I won’t be with any family or friends from home. But the Christmas spirit is really all I need and I have it, so there’s nothing to worry about. I hope everyone enjoys their holidays, wherever they’re spent, and just try to have the most fun possible. I’ll be thinking of each and every one of you. Merry Christmas! Love always xoxo
Cool Yule – Matt Dusk
**Also check out Carol of the Bells by Trans-Siberian Orchestra, I love it!

4 thoughts on “Cool Yule

  1. On a happier note I’m glad to hear you’re feeling somewhat better and can finally find out what you gosh darn have. OH and I got your little Christmas present. That will definitely be going on my school keys so I can think of you and Paris every time I go to open my mailbox. Maybe it will be good luck for more postcards from Paris ;)Merry Christmas Janelle! (sidenote to Cody: I totally said that when we were watching it at your house the other night! I knew it all along. What a shame..)


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