Imagine Me

What an eventful week! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (or holiday) and everyone got what they truly wanted, which is of course spending time with family and friends. My week started off with going to the clinic to figure out what was wrong with my x-ray. Well, three doctors ended up coming in and looking at it and none of them knew what was wrong. They put me on antibiotics and called another hospital so that I could get a scan and they could figure it out. When I told them I probably couldn’t pay for a 100 Euro scan, they ended up giving it to me free of charge. So now, on January 26th, I’m going to a random hospital in Paris to have that scan and figure out what is going on.

On Tuesday, Alice and I got to go to Madagascar 2. It was nice to just have to look after one kid and I think she really enjoyed it. And Wednesday was Christmas Eve! And Alice’s birthday too. I looked after the kids for five hours that morning and then I got to relax until the big Christmas dinner at the grandparents’ house. Before we left, Emmanuel started calling me urgently so I ran downstairs and he was like, “I want to give you a cooking lesson.” Basically his cooking lesson was showing me how to put alcohol in gravy and then lighting it on fire haha, it was really cool!! So, Christmas dinner is quite a bit different here than in Canada; I couldn’t help but notice. We started off with the entrée, which was foie gras (look it up on google, I dare you). I think it was more of the idea of what it was which made me want to cough it up and stop eating. Anyway, I got through it okay. Next was the second half of the entrée, which were oysters. That was interesting… And then was the main dish, which was pasta and some kind of animal. Emmanuel told me it was a bird with wings, so that really slimmed it down. It was really good though. Then was the cheese part of the meal, which was goat cheese. And then my favourite part of the meal: chocolate ice cream cake, yay! It was for Alice’s birthday. We started dinner at 8:30 and I left at 11:15 cause I hadn’t stayed up that late since before I got sick. So Christmas dinner for me was quite interesting and different, but I still liked seeing how the French did things. Right before we went to bed, the kids and I each put one of our shoes under the Christmas tree.

Christmas morning had started and finished within about five minutes, which is different compared to the three hours my family takes to open gifts. After the kids finished opening their presents, I had to look after them for the morning and then I got some free time in the afternoon, which I used to open up all my presents from home. Who knew opening a box of Wheat Thins could be so emotional? No but really, being here has made me appreciate everything so much more. You know, when I went to church last Sunday, the pastor said if you take away everything: the tree, the stockings, the feast, the presents, the Champs-Elysées, you’re left with the true meaning of Christmas. Even though I still had some of those things, I felt like Christmas this year was more meaningful because it made me appreciate what I have. The family left at around four in the afternoon to go to Emmanuel’s mom’s house so I spent the next hour or two watching my family open all of their gifts via Skype. Afterwards, Adriana came over and we made StoveTop Stuffing for supper (yay! That was the closest we could get to a “normal” Christmas dinner) and we watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It was nice to be able to spend Christmas with someone and not spend it alone. Afterwards, I got some phone calls, some Skype calls, and then I went to bed.

The next day, the family came home late that afternoon. Their friends didn’t end up coming with them because the grandma is sick so guess who gets to go to Disneyland Paris tomorrow since the tickets have already been bought! On Saturday morning, I looked after the kids and then I got the afternoon off so I went downtown, which takes anywhere from ten to twenty minutes, depending on my choice of music. Drumline has changed my ways of walking…not only do I HAVE to walk in time with the music but I have to walk with the left foot on one and three, and the right foot on two and four. Otherwise, it doesn’t seem normal. Anyway, I walked around the grounds of the Rambouillet castle and found out where the Canadian geese come during the winter ☺. Afterwards, I looked after the kids a bit more until supper.

Today, I woke up nice and early to go to Paris. I made my usual stop to Starbucks before going to church. After church, I met up with Adriana and we had lunch at the Moosehead. I had my first poutine since the last time I had one in Quebec. Afterwards, we went to an English bookstore, where I purchased the Nanny Diaries. Adriana went home, I mailed a few letters and then I went home as well. Tonight, I’m going to bed early because tomorrow is Disneyland Paris day! I hope everyone has a great week and New Year’s, and has fun making up their New Year’s resolution that they will only end up doing for the first two weeks of January. Love always!
Imagine Me – Kirk Franklin

3 thoughts on “Imagine Me

  1. 1) GREAT pictures of the Rambouillet castle and grounds…absolutely breathtaking!2) Have you started the Nanny Diaries?3) HOW WAS DISNEYLAND?!?!?!?!4) I LOVE “Imagine Me”…I was in a contemporary dance piece to that song last year 🙂


  2. Hi Janelle – it was so good to have you with us on Christmas Day! Your Mom, Dad, Lauren and Janine and Craig and I went ice fishing yesterday and got 8 fish. Lauren and Craig had the lucky holes. I hope you had fun at Disneyland today! Take care, love you and talk to you soon.Auntie Merla


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