This week has been just as normal as all the other ones have. Monday and Tuesday were the same as usual and then on Wednesday, I got the afternoon off so I went to Saint Quentin to shop but didn’t find anything. Everything is already gone and the sale has only been for a week! I was walking down the street that afternoon with my black coat on, no mittens, and I was eating a McFlurry; I’d say the weather here is pretty decent.

Thursday was the day that I had officially been with this family for two months. Even though the kids and I sometimes get on each other’s nerves, I still feel like we have a nice bond. Antoine gave me a kiss on Thursday, which he’s never done before and hardly does for anyone else. I now notice when I’m looking for money or something else in my pockets, I always end up finding a stick. He has this obsession with sticks; he talks about them all the time, he always notices them in books, on the computer, he draws them, everything you could possibly think. We now have a “no sticks at the table” rule. I have no idea how he selects which one is suitable to pick up and carry to school. And because sticks aren’t allowed in the school, he always stuffs them in my pocket. I know, you’d think that I could just take them out once he’s safely inside the school but no, as soon as he’s out again, he asks where his sticks are. And I learnt never to take a stick out of my pocket the hard way.

Friday was when I had to go into full-on “Mom Mode” because Anne went on a ski trip for the week. That left me, Emmanuel, and three kids, which I knew would be quite interesting because Emmanuel’s idea of giving the kids a bath is putting them IN the bath and then coming up to my room and asking me if I can do the rest. Anne spent Monday to Thursday telling me once, twice, sometimes three times what I had to remember to do while she was gone. She explained that Emmanuel knows but he most likely won’t do it so I was capable of making decisions when it came to the kids, the house, or anything else if need be. What a weight put on my shoulders! Thursday, Emmanuel gave me my schedule for the week (it’s even colour-coded! Haha he was quite proud, I think) and it doesn’t seem too hectic so hopefully everything will work out fine. Saturday was fun. For lunch, we had hot dogs, which we’ve never had before. Then, I looked after the kids for the afternoon and then we went out for Chinese food, which we’ve never done before either. And because the church time was changed today, I finally got to sleep in! And I must have been so tired too because I slept through absolutely everything until I woke up at 10 this morning. Through Elsa crying, the kids waking up, the storm that was going on through the entire night (which I should have heard considering I’m on the top level with a window on my ceiling), it was very nice. I went into Paris at noon and met up with some friends for lunch. I’m getting pretty good at looking like a local; the only difference is I carry around a Tim Horton’s to-go coffee cup instead of what everyone else carries around. Zosia, Adriana and I went to an Oriental Music Concert, which was put on to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It was so cool, with all the different instruments and everything; I loved it! After the concert was finished, we went for supper where I got a much-needed lasagna and then we all went back home.

I hope that everyone realizes what an important day it is this Wednesday. Yes, it’s the day that LOST starts its fifth season and I can’t watch it until I come home. So, if you DO end up watching LOST (which I suggest you do), just don’t tell me what happens ☺. I wish everyone who has finals good luck and for everyone else, enjoy your last full week of January (man, doesn’t that happen fast??). Love always
Shimmer – Fuel

3 thoughts on “Shimmer

  1. Hey Janelle, That does look like it would have been a good concert! Where did you go for lasagna? Was it as good as the Italian restaurant that we went to? Miss you, love you!! XOXOXOXOXMom


  2. wow the weight of a mother…finally you can learn some responsibility….sheeeesh. lol I hope this teaches you a lesson. Don’t have children till your older.Keep posting!luv,ben


  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH LOOOOOOOOST!!!Totem is having a 3 hour long LOST party tomorrow. The recap, then the first episode, then ANOTHER episode. Homework tomorrow night? Yeah, I don’t think so. PS. they all die. the end :)Miss you!!


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