Life is Wonderful (Hendaye)

So because of many requests, I’ve decided I should probably get another post in before February comes to an end. The last two weeks have been pretty carefree; the first one was the last week before the holidays. I ended up getting my medical form in the mail so the next day I went to Versailles and (after one hour and 45 minutes of waiting) FINALLY got my carte de sejour, yay! I am now an official resident of France…until mid-July that is. Adriana and I spent the last days before the holidays spending a lot of time and money in cafés and restaurants, comparing chocolate mousse before I left for vacation.

I was lucky enough to easily glide through Valentine’s Day without a trip to Paris and then Sunday morning, the family and I took the long trip to Hendaye, in the most southwest part of France possible. The train ride probably took around 7 hours but it was totally worth it. Hendaye is situated in Le Pays Basque and the Basque country is a small portion of France and a larger portion of Spain put together. They have their own language called Euskara, as well as their own flag, and they’ve been fighting for independence for quite some time. We stayed in Anne’s parents’ summerhouse and from the window, you could see the Mediterranean to the west and the mountains of Spain to the south. It was absolutely amazing!

The weather was quite nice there, averaging in the high teens for most of the week but I’m sure it would be even better in the summer. I got most afternoons off so for my first one, I introduced myself to one of the popular foods: txurros (or churros), which are basically sugared french fries. They were probably not the healthiest choice but they were still really good as I strolled along the beach and the port. The next day, I took a long walk downtown, which isn’t really a downtown at all but it was nice seeing more of the town. And Wednesday was my day that I went to Spain! Yes, I paid 1.60 Euro to take a 10-minute boat ride to Spain. It was so amazing how everything changed in so little time. No one I talked to spoke French, the roads were tinier, and everything was totally different. I don’t know a word of Spanish (sorry, the Dora the Explorer here teaches English) so it was difficult for me to communicate. Also, nothing was open from 1-4:30 so my first hour and a half of Spain, I didn’t really have a lot to do. I made my way to a café later in the day and ordered myself a hot chocolate, which was delectable! I swear it was just melted chocolate; it was so thick and didn’t have a hint of milk or cream. I’ve now officially been in Spain for a total of three hours! On Thursday, I went to Saint Jean-de-Luz, which is a small little town about ten minutes away from Hendaye by train. It had such good shopping (although unaffordable) and I was so excited to finally see some real ice cream (usually here, there’s only Drumsticks and popsicles). I ordered myself some banana chocolate and some pomme d’amour, so good! Friday and Saturday, I went hiking on one of the well-known trails, which was really enjoyable. Sunday, I cleaned the house and then we left early, early Monday morning. On Tuesday, I got the afternoon off so I went to the theatre and watched He’s Just Not That Into You with my Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (so good!). Wednesday, I went to Paris to do some shopping and today, I’m hoping to just relax.

You might have realized that I’m giving up Facebook and msn for Lent so I won’t be on for another 39 days but you can still reach me through email. I hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays if they had them and starts off their month of March amazingly well. Love always
Life is Wonderful – Jason Mraz

3 thoughts on “Life is Wonderful (Hendaye)

  1. thank you for posting!!!! lol i’m sure i wasn’t the only one bugging you about it…hendaye sounds AMAZING. and they have their own language, eh? that’s so crazy. i’ve never heard of that, and i try to know my world pretty well. i’m glad that you had a relaxing time though!! i definitely think we should chat through email too, cuz i’m gonna miss randomly bugging you on facebook! love you and miss you lots 🙂


  2. Hey Nellers,I like your song this week. He has such a nice voice! I wish I could go here. It sounds like it was so beautiful. I love you lots!!!!!!!XOXOOXOXOXOOXMom


  3. Hey Nelle,Great video blog. The painter was amazing. You made it seem like I was right there with you – so much so that I felt like slapping the person in front of you who kept putting their elbow into the picture! Keep exploring and keeping being you. Love you, dad


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