Electric Feel

There are two words in the English language that I believe should not exist together. You hear the start of it and get so happy and excited and then the second word comes and your happiness goes to an all-time low (unless you’re of course my mom, or crazy). Think you know what I mean? Okay, let’s try this. Spring (yes, you can feel it: the warmth, the birds chirping, lemonade and popsicles, a whole new beginning), oh and just wait for it: Cleaning. Felt that huge drop in happiness? I have somehow always managed to get out of spring cleaning almost every year; I think my parents eventually gave up in trying to get me to do it because they knew there would be no way to convince me into doing it. This year however, was a change. My arm muscles are really almost too hard from all the sweeping, raking and mopping I’ve been doing. Gardening has really not been one of my favourite things to do. I’m one of those people who don’t really see the point in planting a flower. I mean if it’s some kind of fruit or vegetable, I could help a bit but really, not my thing. Anne assured me it won’t be an everyday thing; let’s hope so.

So my week… well it was pretty normal. On Wednesday, I went for a really long walk in new shoes. Not the best idea. I have a pretty high pain-threshold, which in some ways can be a good thing but since I wasn’t in THAT much pain, I just kept walking and walking. When the pain started getting to me, I stopped to take off my shoes, thinking that my feet would just be a little bit swollen. Definitely huge open wounds on both heels and they are still there. I’ve had quite a bit of trouble walking or doing anything for the past week and they’re not scabbing over or anything. On Saturday, the family left for the rest of the weekend. Adriana and I went to Paris to go to a craft store and buy crafts! Afterwards, we went back to Rambouillet to buy supper at the grocery store, which consisted of chicken nuggets, pop, chips (Bolognaise flavour – as if they have dill pickle here), and mint chocolate chip ice cream. How healthy, eh? Anyway, we met up with Aimee and ate our supper while watching The Little Mermaid in French, which was definitely interesting with the French songs. We started watching 27 Dresses afterwards and didn’t even have time to do the crafts; I guess we have something we can do next weekend. Sunday, I went to church and then just came straight back home because I couldn’t walk.

And back to the nice word again (don’t worry, I won’t connect it with that other one): Spring. Spring in France is absolutely wonderful! Today, we had a high of 18 and it was almost TOO hot. It’s not even officially Spring for another four days but it definitely feels like it. It’s so nice to sit outside the café, have a drink, and listen to the music of the lonely carousel (which has a kid on it every once in a while if it’s lucky). I now know what Spring in March actually feels like and I love it! It’s so weird to think that March is already almost done but I hope everyone enjoys the last of it! Love always
Electric Feel – MGMT

7 thoughts on “Electric Feel

  1. AHH you’re listening to electric feel! i LOVE that song, it always makes me so happy haha. i’m sorry that your feet got so messed up. were you wearing heels or something? i had to wear heels all the time when i was in st. louis for my conference, and they TOTALLY chopped up my feet. it really sucked to go to cabaret rehearsals after that, because i had to wear heels there too, and the shoes just tore at my already painful wounds. haha. oh well…spring here is really nice too! i’m not sure of the degrees because it’s always in fahrenheit (and i still like celcius better lol), but it’s usually either tee-shirt weather or sweater-over-tee-shirt-weather haha. enjoy your sunshine, darlin! 🙂


  2. I know! I’ve been listening to it for so long and it always puts me in such a good mood! No, I was wearing like, kitten heel things.. I can wear normal heels now without wincing the whole time-I live next to Paris! 🙂 Glad you know the good type of Spring, it’s so much better than Sask spring. I miss you!! xoxo


  3. Yes! I love it! Great words today. I know how you feel about spring cleaning. Yikes. Ick. Not much time left in France eh? Miss you tons! See you VERY soon.


  4. Spring in Vancouver SUCKS. It’s just raining all the time. But at least it’s uh.. uhm.. yeah, no there’s nothing good about it. Spring cleaning. Yikes. I never had to do it though, my mom loves it too. I don’t think she would let me touch the garden if I wanted to. I love electric feel. The boy who lives underneath me plays it a lot, but I love him so hence I still love the song. You should totally ride the lonely carousel.There’s a Tim Hortons up the road, exactly a 5 minute walk away from me! Not to mention in the Forestry building so I’m always there anyways. That is what is better about Spring in Vancouver than France. Heh. Miss yoooou!


  5. man cody, you’re almost as much of a stalker as i am.. that’s so cool though! if you go down the street as far as you can go and turn left like twice, it’s behind that big tree (which is now not there as of last week). but you can see the garage! and i think their car is beside that red one but i’m not sure if it’s theirs or not, i don’t really pay attention much. i wish you could come visit too 😦


  6. Try spring cleaning at work. Polishing instruments with caked-on kid spit and fingerprints until your arm falls off, trying to clean up dusty 15-year-old tubes of cork grease? That is my idea of a fun time. Haha we tried to vacuum but we broke like 3 different vacuum cleaners cause the store’s so dirty. Have fun in France, see you soon!


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