So we’re finally coming up to that day when you guys can start pulling out your “100-day Countdown” calendars that I know you’ve all been keeping in the bottom drawer of your desks. Saturday, March 28th –my sister’s birthday- is the day that I’ve officially been here for 200 days and the day that I have 100 days left. It’s so weird that I’m going to be counting down in double digit numbers soon enough and it makes me realize that I really don’t have that much time left here. Then again, I don’t really have anything that can make that time go slower. Everyone knows the saying “Time goes by when you’re having fun” and if you think about it, in April, I have my vacation and my sister comes (SO excited!). In May, Steph, Donna, and Katie are coming to visit (wahoo!) and then I really only have to get through June, which is my last month here. Is it even possible to avoid having fun while being here? And then, why would I even want to do that?

Saturday, I went out for lunch in Versailles and then explored a cute little area of Paris for the afternoon. On Sunday, I went to church and then met up with Adriana and some of her friends for lunch. Adriana and I went back to Rambouillet, went to our usual café and then went to the movie Gran Torino, which was actually not too bad. This is already the last week of March, which is kind of exciting because April’s the best month of the year! It’ll be nice once it comes.

I remember a few years ago at camp, a pastor said a sermon that I have never forgotten. It was a story about a father and son talking about climbing mountains. The point of the story was that in order to get to a higher peak, you have to climb down the mountain you’re on and then climb up the other one; there’s no shortcut. I’ve always kept it in mind, usually when I wasn’t feeling so good about life and I always thought to myself, “It’s okay; I’m only getting to the bottom of the mountain. Things will get better soon.” At this point in time, I can only think, “It’s going to be a long way down from where I am now.” I mean, things only keep getting better and better but I know at some point or another, it’ll have to go back down again. I’m just hoping that instead of like last time when I tripped over a tree root and fell off the edge of the cliff, there might just be a nice little, shaky suspension bridge partway down, connecting me to the next mountain. And to think that each mountain gets higher and higher… I’m only looking forward to it.
Sleepyhead – Passion Pit

3 thoughts on “Sleepyhead

  1. Yes, I do need to get my 100 day calendar out. SO excited! I want to see Gran Torino, I can’t believe you saw it first!!! Reading you blog in TO! Miss you and love you! XOXOXOXO Mom


  2. I found your house! did you know on Google maps you can drag the little orange man to a spot and you can like… SEE that spot? I bet you already knew that. But anyways… Me and the little orange man found your house 🙂


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