Sound of Freedom

Well it’s definitely been awhile but now I actually have activities to write about! Since I last wrote, Lauren has already come and gone. Our short week together was so much fun! I got up bright and early last Sunday morning to make the two-hour trip to the airport to pick up my sister. After she finally came out, we went to church (which I’m surprised she stayed awake through) and then made our way back home. I managed to make her stay up until 10:30 that evening so that we could start off our week Monday morning. On Monday, we went to my café “Le Celtique” and I gave the waiters Tim Horton’s cappuccino mix, as well as many Coffee Crisp chocolate bars; they seemed to be pretty excited and Lauren and I got free drinks! After that, we went into Paris and did many of the touristy things. We started off exploring the islands of Paris, going to the Notre-Dame, and then we went to Montmartre and traveled up to the Sacre Coeur. It was such a nice night and it was a lot of fun! We had supper in Montmartre, in a restaurant that didn’t look too appealing at first. We walked in and there was a piano and two tables but we found out that after turning many corners and climbing more stairs, there was a whole other section to sit in. We ate our meal, and listened to the live piano while enjoying the French atmosphere.

On Tuesday, we were planning to go to the Catacombes but the line up literally went around the block; the end of the line was almost at the entrance. We instead decided to go to the Gardens of Luxembourg, my personal favourite gardens of Paris. We then had our snack at Crêpes À Gogo (nutella crêpes, of course) and then we made a quick stop at the Louvre grounds. Wednesday was a great day! We went to the Parc Asterix, the amusement park in Paris not visited by many tourists. It had a Greek section, a Rome section, and many fun rides as well as a dolphin show! Lauren and I had a lot of fun, but were definitely wornout by the end of the day. On Thursday, we started at the Louvre and walked towards the Eiffel Tower, which was a superlong walk. Once we got to the Tower, we were already too tired to climb it so we saved it for later.

On Friday, we finally got to go to the Catacombes! They were actually really neat and not as creepy as I thought they would be. A cave built with walls of bones – definitely not something you see everyday, especially when the bones belong to six million people. After that experience, we made our way to the Cité des Sciences, the science centre of Paris. I realized how much I have forgotten since high school, but there were some really cool things there. We then went to the Opera building before heading back home. Saturday was our shopping day. We went to the market of Rambouillet before going to Saint-Quentin and Paris so that Lauren could shop for souvenirs. We packed up all of Lauren’s (and my) stuff that night. On Sunday, we took all the suitcases with us to church and afterwards, dropped it off at our hotel. We had a nice Canadian brunch at the Moosehead (always a must when coming to Paris) and then we finally went to the Eiffel Tower. After the 500th step, I was about ready to pass out, but we finally made it to the second level at the 658th step! Now I can officially say that I’ve climbed the Eiffel Tower! Afterwards, we walked to the Arc de Triomphe before shopping for more souvenirs. That night, we went out for dinner on the island and then we headed back to our hotel. Monday morning, we woke up nice and early to get to the airport. Lauren left and I headed back to Rambouillet to a full day of work. The family left again Tuesday morning and come back this afternoon. So what does a girl do when she has a free night? She goes to Paris and goes to a class at her church, of course! It was really interesting and I met a lot more people at the church. This afternoon, I’m planning to just hang out, maybe go to the café and hopefully the rest of the week will go by quickly. Lost in Paris is only in 3 more days, yay!!! I hope everyone has had a great holiday! Love always
Sound of Freedom – Bob Sinclair (PS If you go out walking, this is a great song to do it to, especially when you’re running late for the train)

3 thoughts on “Sound of Freedom

  1. Fun, fun, fun, I wish I could have been there with you both! It’s warm and amazing in Mexico. Having a great time so far. Miss you! XOXOXOXOlove Mom


  2. Sweet sounds like a fun week. I forgot we did half of that. haha I really like that song, I just listened to it twice. Have fun at Lost in Paris! ❤


  3. Sounds like a blast, busy but fun! I especially loved Montmarte and Sacre Couer – surprised I remember it all it’s been alot of years since I have been there. Glad you enjoyed Lost in Paris!


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