Time Won’t Let Me Go

Another week has gone by and we’re already at the end of April. I’m so excited that my countdown is at the two-months-left point; I’m really excited to get back home at this point. I feel like I’ve seen and learned what I need to, and I’m getting superpumped to see everyone back at home. Not only that but I have so many summer plans that I’m looking forward to!

My week last week was quite long, probably because it was still the holidays so I didn’t have a set-schedule. I was finally free Saturday afternoon so I made my way to Paris to go to Lost in Paris! I got there at around 5:30 and found myself with two choices. I could 1) Get a good seat (it was rush seating) on a balcony to watch a show that I can watch a million times over whenever I want to OR 2) Get a good spot on the red carpet and MEET I don’t know who. I went for choice number two. After two hours of waiting, I finally realized I had the advantage in this situation. Everyone around me spoke French; some were practicing what they knew in English, which consisted of “Hello” “Goodbye” “How do you like Paris?” Well of course, the people who were coming would obviously only speak English right? So finally after those two hours, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse stepped out of their Jeep Limo thing. I freaked out because they’re the producers of LOST; they started my huge obsession, and I used to listen to them every week on their Lost podcast. Damon was trying out his French, saying “Bonjour” and “Merci.” Really, that seemed like all he knew. So when he needed a pen, I seemed to be the only one to understand him, letting him use my pen and also letting him sign my notebook. Carlton was awkwardly standing behind him, not really knowing what to do so I reached out my book to him and he came up to sign it. He started to say, “How are you?” which slowly descended into nothing because I think he realized he was in France but when I replied with “Good, thanks,” I think he was kind of surprised. He gave me back my pen, I said thanks and then he just paused and said, “You don’t really sound very French…” So I said I was Canadian and he moved on to the next person. However, while he was signing the next person’s ticket, he continued, “So what are you doing in Paris?” And I got to have a conversation with Carlton Cuse! He was supernice and I think he was just happy to find someone who spoke English haha. After they left, I waited for another half hour and a cameraman came out and said everyone who was coming was already in the building so we all left to find our seats (I’m pretty positive he was lying and now I can only think, what if I stayed and met the two actors?). As I sat down way in the back, packed in the middle of 2999 other people, I still had an excitement in me; I was finally here! It started off with a couple songs played by an unknown band, then went on to interviews. The two actors who came were Evangeline Lily (Kate) and Michael Emerson (Ben) and trust me, Michael Emerson still sounds as creepy as on the show, even when answering normal questions. We then proceeded to watch the first episode of season 5, which was so good! I was in shock when it was finished, thinking to myself, “That’s it?!” So now I’m only looking forward to coming back home to watch the rest of the season in one day.

On Sunday, I got up and went to church before coming back and going to the café with Adriana. I was in the middle of opening a present when Benjy (my favourite waiter) comes up to give us our cokes. As he takes his time opening each bottle, and then awkwardly stands there afterwards, I feel like I have to say something to him. Well the reaction I got when I told him it was my birthday the next day was definitely not the reaction I was expecting, at least not with so much enthusiasm. “Oh really?! Well, happy birthday!” he said with a big smile on his face, kind of bopping around. Anyway, long story short, he left a receipt on the table with a note that said, “The cokes are a present, happy birthday!” Definitely made my day. Adriana and I went out for supper afterwards and then I went back home.

Monday was my actual birthday. We skipped school and instead went to our other café. Our favourite guy wasn’t there so we didn’t try the whole birthday thing again. Afterwards, I started my big day of work. The family made me a cake, which was nice, and I opened all of my birthday cards and read my birthday greetings (Thanks everyone!). All in all, it was a good day. I’m looking forward for this week to finally finish because in only two days, Steph, Katie and Donna are coming to visit for two weeks! I’m so excited; it’ll be nice to have some more people come visit. I hope everyone starts off their May well; I’ll see you all in 64 days! Love always
Time Won’t Let Me Go – The Bravery

4 thoughts on “Time Won’t Let Me Go

  1. oommgg Lost has been AMAZING this season! Like, remember season 3 when everything was really random and there was no real direction? This is like, 8 BILLION times better, I don’t want the season to end!Anyways, I hope you have a really great time with Steph, Katie and Donna! I’m sad I’m missing out, but I’m sure we’ll have our fun together this summer :)miss you! xoxox


  2. Sounds like the LOST thing was a great time. I need to catch up too. I haven’t watched for about 5 weeks!!!Hope you are having fun with the girls! I fly back from Mexico tomorrow. Love you!!Mom


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