Dead End

May is coming to a close, meaning I only have June left to get through! Actually, today is my 5-weeks-left point, which is absolutely insane! That’s the exact same amount of time that I was in Quebec (and Quebec went superfast!). On Thursday, I spent the afternoon at Adriana’s along with Helena. Last week, I told Adriana that I was craving Kraft Dinner so a few days later, she surprised me with a box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese from the American grocery store in Paris (and you’ll never guess how much it cost… 6.50 Euro, equaling to about 11 dollars Canadian!). We chose to make it at her house that afternoon, and being able to eat it definitely reminded me of home. The next day was class so we learnt some French before having a picnic in the castle grounds. Helena and I then met Adriana at the Celtique. Our “regular” status is getting higher and higher every time we come. The head guy now kisses us on the cheek every time we go, and each waiter makes sure that they stop to say hello. They’re going to be so sad when we leave… I then went to Adriana’s for dinner and a movie before returning back home.

Saturday wasn’t the prettiest day ever. Adriana and I went to Versailles to have lunch at our usual restaurant (which has the best chocolate mousse in the world!). We then met up with Helena in Saint Quentin to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic, since the weather wasn’t all that great to do anything else. On Sunday, I believe it was a high of 30. The girls and I spent two hours walking around Paris looking for a market, store, anything, that was open (while dying of heat all at the same time). When we finally found one and bought a lunch and snacks, we made our way to the Bois de Boulogne, a gorgeous park just outside of Paris. We scarfed down the food before passing out on the grass to enjoy a nice and long rest. Monday’s weather was the exact same, except with a high of 33. I spent most of my day in the castle grounds, just lying down in the park. Now, the weather is back to being cloudy and rainy but it should bounce back soon (just hopefully not as hot).

I’m getting really excited to come back home but it’s still not feeling real yet. I realize that I will be back in Saskatoon in five weeks but it’s so hard to think that in order to do that, I’m going to have to leave here at the same time. It’ll be hard not having my usual café to go to, that’s for sure! Anyway I hope everyone enjoys the rest of May and starts off June well! Love always
Dead End – The Format

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