An End Has A Start

A cloudy and rainy day has forced me to stay inside and write another blog. Then again, I guess it’s been almost two weeks since my last one. In two more days, I’ll have a short three weeks left in France. The time is going at a pace that I enjoy: not too fast, but not too slow either. I feel like I still have enough time to enjoy everything that I can and still, in a matter of time I will be back at home, sleeping in my bed for 48 hours straight.

My weekdays have been spent at the Celtique or sitting in the castle grounds, enjoying the sunshine. I’ve tried to spend as little time possible locked in my bedroom, for it causes thinking which usually leads to sad thoughts, whether it be about missing home or leaving France. We therefore have made the Celtique into our second home and we got our REAL regular status only last week. Saturday May 30th, a day like no other because it was Helena’s fake birthday. Adriana, Aimee, Helena and I went to the Celtique that afternoon at around five. We told Benjy it was Helena’s birthday and the waiters brought out a chocolate fondue and even sung a little. The waiters were all extra-nice that day, stopping to talk to us every time they passed our table, and we had a great time. We even got a few free drinks in(!). We finally left at around 8:30, when they were closing up and we started our own Rambouillet pub-crawl, going to three more of the bars and pubs in Rambouillet. A great night and great fun!

The following week had a lot of cafés, picnics, and creepy, weird guys involved. Thursday night, we decided to go to one of the school’s parties, which had marshmallow-roasting included. On Saturday night, my family had a party with all of Anne’s high school friends. That made me in charge of looking after all ten children…, which actually wasn’t so bad. Then on Sunday, Helena, Adriana, and I went to Chartres, a town about a half-hour away, very well known for it’s cathedral. We looked around the cathedral, as well as took a tour around the city on a train. We were also lucky enough to be in town during the Perfume Festival! Once we returned to Rambouillet, we went back to the Celtique (and got another round of drinks on the house, yay!) and then went out for a pizza dinner.

This week is supposed to be rainy the entire time but I’m hoping that the weatherman will be wrong, as he usually is. It’s difficult to find things to do that don’t involve spending money when we only have inside options. I hope that everyone is having a great time and I’ll see you all in 24 days! Love always
An End Has A Start – Editors

2 thoughts on “An End Has A Start

  1. Time has gone quickly Janelle – or so it seems from this end. Enjoy the time you have left, you'll be home before you know it :)Heather


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