Sweet Tangerine

The time until I get a life is getting shorter and shorter; I can’t wait for the day where I won’t have to change another diaper, prepare another bottle, bathe another child, or do one of Anne’s numerous pointless jobs. To live with a perfectionist could be the worst thing in the world to you, but obviously you’ve never lived with a crazy, French perfectionist. To live and work with a crazy perfectionist means that you have to think like a perfectionist. You have to think of and remember every little thing (which would come to a perfectionist’s mind easily). If you happen to forget one tiny thing, remember: IT’S NEVER TINY IN A PERFECTIONIST’S MIND! It sure doesn’t help when they have all the most difficult materials and surfaces to clean. A girl like me would want to forget all of the little, horrible jobs I’ve had to do, but some are just unforgettable. Cleaning all the bird crap off of the kids’ play house was one that stood out a bit, or cleaning out the kids’ sandbox as well as all of the toys, or who can forget the time just last week when I scrubbed the handles of their living room armoire with a toothbrush? All I can say is that I’m so glad to go back to a place where I won’t feel judged 24/7.

The last weekend, the girls and I went to the Versailles gardens, which had a fountain music show. It was neat to see and we even ended up surviving the unbearable heat. Because it was Helena’s last weekend, we spent Saturday night doing another Rambouillet pub-crawl. We were even invited into our café after they closed, so we each had a drink while the guys cleaned up (you know you’re a regular when…). On Sunday, Adriana and I went to Paris and walked around Montmartre for a bit before meeting up with Aimee and her boyfriend for nachos and drinks. Helena is unfortunately leaving us in only two days; it’ll be sad not having her happy and fun self with us any longer. Her departure is making us all realize how close the end is. Speaking of the end, I only have 16 more days left! Monday will be my ten-day point! I’ve already started packing and I’m starting to stress over whether I’ll be able to take everything with me or not. Not only that, but making it to the airport on my own will definitely be quite the adventure. I hope that everyone is enjoying the last of Spring! I’ll see you all soon!!!!!! Love always

Oh yes! And my favourite part:
New Household Rules as of Today (obviously someone has been doing some research)
1) The kids are not aloud to use any cordless phones in the house. If grandma calls, they must use the corded phone in the parents’ bedroom.
2) (more of just a guideline than an actual rule) Cell phones should be turned off at night and if talking on the cell phone, the speaker should be used and the phone should be away from your head.
3) No matter what phone is being used (cordless, corded, cell phone), you must switch it from ear to ear on a regular basis.
4) The last person who is up using a computer must shut off the WiFi before going to bed (aka me).
5) When using the microwave, everyone (especially kids!) must be at least two metres away from it.
Sweet Tangerine – The Hush Sound

5 thoughts on “Sweet Tangerine

  1. O-M-G! She does sound like a nutcase! The “rules” at the end are just too funny, lol! Who stands 2 meters away from the microwave, HAHAHA! Good laugh for the day, I will miss your blogs once you are home!See you soon!Heather


  2. hmmmm I didn't think those rules were too outrageous. I do those subconsciously. Except the WiFi deal. I usually don't stand near the microwave when its cooking…I step away typically.


  3. Thanks for the laughs! You made my night, I had lots of good chuckles and read your blog to Merle so she could laugh too! And you thought I was bad!!!!!! By the way, I have some silver that needs polishing when you get back!!lolLove you,XOXOXXOXOMom


  4. Ihope these things have not been going on the whole time you have been with this family. That would put me over the deep end. Sounds more like a prison than a home ,she must be getting all the nasties out of the way before you leave,dosen't she realize she should apriciate you for who you are and be nice before you leave forever.Her kids are in for a rude awakening when they get older ha ha.Can't wait to see you janelle.Love Auntie Marlene and Uncle Burt


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